Touch down in Bangkok!

So, as many of you are aware, we visited Thailand this Year. And what an amazing country!! I’d always been quite hesitant to visit after seeing photo after photo of places like the famous (but very beautiful) Maya Bay. It seemed like I had already visited Thailand.

So after booking the flights we went on a mission to explore as much of the unseen Thailand as we could. And WOW, what a journey!

Touching down in Bangkok at any time can be quite a culture shock, but arriving in the centre at 10pm New Year’s Eve, was something close to what I’ve seen in films. It was CRAZYYYY! The streets were alive, everywhere you turned there’s alcohol and food and the music was inescapable.

 Bangkok has so many lovely side roads, dotted with 30 min massages, traditional Thai food, passage ways and market stands.

The temples and flower market are excellent to see and the tuktuks are worth a ride through the busy city. I watched the Thai people pray and even received my own fortune. Just look at the Buddhas, they are mesmerising! The people of Bangkok are amazing and friendly, and are always willing to help you if you’re a little stuck.

It’s an amazing city. So much to do and see and I felt safe the whole time, which makes the experience even better. Care free in the big city! There is so so much more to tell and share – beach filled posts to follow!


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