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So, it took me more than a while before I ventured to the other side of the world, to Australia. There were so many factors/fears that I allowed my head to tell me and stop me from going … Some of these were: “It’s the other side of the world, anything could happen to me!”, “My friends and family will be so far away… And asleep!!”, “Hostels – NO WAY!!”, “Sharing a bathroom – GROSS!”, “What if I get lost!? I can’t just ring someone and ask, I WONT EVEN HAVE A PHONE!” – I’m sure you can relate to the struggle here!
In the end it was getting stupid, all these worries, yet I’d never even looked up a single hostel… I decided to book through a company which my friend had booked and leave it up to them to sort. The trip was the most amazing adventure of blue sea, white sand and amazing people! Below are a few tips for solo girls, friends and pretty much anyone who is planning to  travel to Australia!

1. Travel light –  but you can take a suitcase. There’s room for your stuff so you don’t need to “back pack” it literally, you can free your back up a bit! When it comes to books. You only need one. If you finish it, there are plenty of book shops along the way, so you don’t really need take five, of which you will will probably put aside whilst having the time of your life! You never know, you may find something brilliant to read out there.

. The hostels are amazing! With many air-conditioned. They are clean, run brilliantly, and even if not amazingly furnished you can be sure to meet great people and relax in a hammock! Some hostels also do same sex dorms which is great if you are a girl travelling alone. All dorms are usually between 4-10 people, with bunk beds to utilise the space. Bath rooms are usually shared on each floor or between a few bungalows. My favourite bungalows were at Nomads Hostel, Airlie Beachs. Air-conditioned with fans and one bathroom per room of 8, there’s lots of space and the rooms were incredibly clean – check out the link.


3. Plan the trip or let an organisation do it for you. There were so many wonderful places I would have missed if I had not booked before. Do the research before if you are going without a travel company. There are trips to the jungle, hidden beaches and plenty of islands to discover. Whitsundays Islands, Fraser Island and Magnetic Island are just a few worth visiting on your journey.


. Talk to everyone! Reach out of your comfort zone and just chat. Everyone there is on an adventure too… And are most likely wanting to talk to you too 🙂 You never know what someone might have to tell you or where they might advise you to go. Obviously always keep your head screwed on and don’t go somewhere alone. But trust you intuition about people. There are so many others in exactly the same boat as you, waiting for someone to talk to them.


. Use the Greyhound bus for your travel between each destination. They are comfy and have wifi/usb, however take something warm on them, the aircon works a little too well! You can also get a phone and sim out there for pretty cheap! The greyhound is very well known and bright red. It will stop at most places you want to visit, however some journeys may take up to 12 hours. All depends on where you are travelling to. Internal flights are also a cheap option if you are travelling further than a 12 hour bus journey. The photo below is the hippie bus to the fabulous hippie town, Nimbin.


. Be happy! The most important thing is to enjoy yourself and relax. It can be extremely hard travelling over 24 hours, overcoming jet lag, leaving behind your favourite dress at the previous hostel before getting on a 12 hour night bus, missing your loved ones .. Travelling really can be tiring, but try to put these little blue spells aside and enjoy every moment as if it was your last! 🌴🌴🌴

Travel company I used- Backpackers World

It was cheap, the hostels and activities/trips were excellent, fun packed and brilliant for meeting other travellers, and the travel was very easy to use. The whole trip from Sydney to Cairns, followed by a few days in Melbourne was an amazing experience from beginning to end. Internal flights are cheap, and it’s super safe to travel alone. If you’re debating whether to get up and go on an adventure, I would highly recommend Australia as a place for anyone wanting lots of sunshine, relaxing beaches and to to meet friendly people. In a group or by yourself, Australia has so much of to offer!

Happy travels Wildflowers!

Peace and love, Nicola x

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