Spring time Volunteering in London

Happy Sunday!!! What a lovely weekend it’s been in the UK! – SUNSHINE! Although a little rainy at times, it’s been so nice to get out into London again for my second week of volunteering at Dalston’s Eastern Curve Garden. I’ve had so much fun and felt so welcomed, that I thought I would share this great experience, in case you are ever in the area and fancied something different to do on your Saturday’s in London.

My lovely friends Sey and Rey introduced me to the Garden last year, and from the moment I stepped into the stunning little area, I was instantly inspired and so happy to be in such a beautiful, earthly space, in the middle of Hackney! The Garden is full of fresh flowers, home grown vegetables, and little wooden seating areas, not to mention it has it’s own cafe/bar, clay Pizza oven, and my favourite place – the cosy green house. The green house is where I like to relax as it has a little log fire to keep us warm and is filled with the creative pieces made from workshops that go on at the Garden.

green house

So, on to the volunteering. For me, gardening isn’t a chore, it’s a great way to get in touch with nature, relax, and create something beautiful. I never have a bad thought go through my mind when I’m here, so I’m always so happy to get stuck in! On the day, the group split up to do different tasks. There are always areas to clear, plants to be re-potted, and flower displays and table flowers to be re-arranged. Yesterday, Rey and I potted up gorgeous (to be) Abu Hasan Tulips into large ceramic plant pots, and with two others, created the front display for the garden. I cannot wait to see how they look in a week or two!!

There is so much to do at the Garden, even if you just fancy a catch up with friends or feel like taking your little one out for the day, this beautiful spot is such a great way to spend your afternoon!

Peace and Love Wildflowers, Nicola xx

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