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   Hello Wildflowers!! It’s been a little while. Mostly because I have recently relocated back to my lovely home town, and have given myself a break. But I’ve missed blogging so much!! This week has also been a complete write off because we went to LOST VILLAGE FESTIVAL!!! and WHAT an experience it was. From start to finish, it was an absolute wonderland! I was lucky enough to go on the journey with my good friends Sey, Rey and Chels (below) and we were later joined by my brother and his brilliant friends. I’ve added a few of the Lost Village and personal photos, and links, so click on the bold italics to find out more! 

 As soon as we arrived off the bus, we were greeted by friendly, helpful staff who guided us through the trees to our camp-site. Once setting up our lovely camp, which was pleasantly spacious and close to the main entrance, we wandered into the festival. The festival was split into 4 main stages, all joined by winding, woodland paths, which were lit up by colourful lights, dotted with mushroom stools, and surrounded by beautiful lilac flowers. It was like walking through a fairytale. Every trip to another stage, we discovered something fun and new. There were even Lost Village inhabitants who we began to discover along our way. The Gatekeeper was a stunning, seductive queen like figure (left), the Grave Digger (right – who is happily burying the girls and putting mud in their hair!!! arghhhhh!!), and Hunter was the handsome, tribal hunk who had broken poor Juliet’s heart. It all sounds pretty crazy, especially to those who hadn’t seen them, but added to the fun going on around the festival.

So much thought and effort had been put in to making the festival that bit more interesting and special. From the Forgotten Cabin to the Abandoned Chapel, each stage was unique with something new to offer. Not to mention, each area had at least one bar and toilets, which on nearly every occasion had no queue at all. Yes, NO QUEUING for a drink, or the toilet!! We even stumbled across the the Vanity cabin where the festival had provided mirrors, straighteners and hair driers. They had thought of everything. Even when the festival (sadly) had come to an end each night, right next to the Look Out stage, was a huge round tent with two pianos placed in the centre. As the festival was only around 5000 people, each night, everyone gathered under the tent to listen to several wonderfully talented people take turns to play songs from John Lennon to Oasis. Everyone was on the same happy vibe. Next door, there was the Lost Theatre. With performances, short films and much more.

During the day, the Base Camp area was alive with food stalls (my favourite being the Ice-
cream sandwiches and the Vegetarian wraps), Hula-hoops, and even ROKIT vintage had it’s own tent. Which by the way, had EVERYTHING you would need for a festival – we definitely
forgot our beautiful bindi spots. but luckily ROKIT saved the day! After the food was consumed, and we were suited and booted, we made our way to the Lake of Tranquillity. Chelsea had already ventured out for an 11am Yoga session at the lake, where she learnt how to identify her breathing as waves. Seeing each breath she took in as a new, unique breath. Some short, some fast, and some calm. Pretty cool, huh?! The lake was like a dreamland. With little hidden spaces, and cotton from the trees drifting through the air. Across to the other side of the lake, festival groups enjoyed the hot tubs and glasses of champagne. Some even spoke about a mystical Mermaid they had met. As the sun set, there was a glisten of bright golden diamonds across the lakes surface. A truly PERFECT end, to a beautiful summers day!

The music highlights have got to be Ben Klock’s Friday night finale, Kink’s very happy live set, Artwork in the Chapel, and Crazy P at the Grave Yard. Not forgetting Showhawk Duo, who got the crowd dancing and screaming for more at the Look Out during the day. These two guys bring history right back to 2016, with an acoustic/electronic sound I have never heard before!! Check them out HERE.

One huuuuuge part in making the festival so amazing, is the people you are with. I feel so happy, lucky, and blessed to have these three wonderful girls, and brother in my life. It is so true that your VIBE attracts your TRIBE. Everyone seemed so happy in their little groups, and if you’re happy, your tribe is happy, and then you start meeting others. We ended up with about 3 or 4 groups by Sunday afternoon. There is so much I have to be grateful for, but these lovely girlies have shown me love, and also how to love myself. Showing someone what you love about them is possibly the best gift anyone could ever receive. so, spread the LOVE people!! 😀

Overall, the festival was an experience I will treasure forever. We made some great friends, and everyone was happy from beginning to the very end. The sun was shining during the day, and the trees kept us warm at night. I can’t fault one part of the festival. So, if you’re looking for a little adventure, music, and an incredibly fun time… Get yourself to Lost Village 2017!!


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    It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of suhninse.

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