Sunset Yoga

Morning lovelies. OK, so it’s a little cloudy now, but how amazing were the last couple of sunshine weeks!? Nothing in the world makes my day more instantly better than waking up to blue sky and summer sun <3 I just can’t seem to get enough of the warmth on my skin, and the feeling of (very slowly) bronzing. Finding somewhere to explore, or something to get up to when summer finally arrives is more than easy. If the sun is out, we are out!

Yoga is something I am slowly trying out. I’ve tried the more, well known types of yoga, Acroyoga (combining yoga and acrobatics), and even Aerial yoga (yoga hanging upside down from a hammock – yeah, it’s as interesting and fun as it sounds, but certainly not easy!).

Anyway, with the sun out way past 9pm, my cousin Daniela and I headed to my favourite sunset spot – a beautiful Windmill hill, overlooking our town. With Daniela’s Yoga exams coming up, we thought we would take the opportunity to practise some Yoga, take in the incredible views, and of course take some snaps to show you!



How stunning does she look! Perfect pose, strength, and beauty. I really do not know a stronger, more determined woman. Even after everything life has thrown, I love that when we are together we talk about life, appreciation, and how to live a more simple, and certainly more fulfilling life. After-all, what is more important than that? You teach me something new every time we speak, and laughing, eating well, and watching the sunset together are with me forever. Love you Dani <3


Peace and Love, Nicola xx

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