Bloomin’ Summer 

Hey hey!! It’s a little drizzly today, but what amazing weather we have been blessed with overthe past few weeks. There is so much buzz about politics, EU, and of course the EURO’s!! I hope everyone who has made their way to France, or will be, has a super great time!! It’s so great how a sport can bring so many people together for a good time.. beer, BBQ’s, pretty much any excuse!
So, whilst all this is going on, I have taken the time to wander around in the sunshine this week, and WOW Britain is in Bloom!! I went for a lovely run Wednesday morning, and couldn’t believe how much colour there is to see. I called in at my Grandparents house, where they have a garden full of home grown vegetables, baby figs, and a whole flower bed full of Pinks (baby Carnations). The mini bunch I have in my room now smells sooooooo good!!

The Royal Pavilion Gardens in Brighton are also a stunning sight to see. Sprinkled with giant Daisies, Fox Gloves and Snap Dragons, the garden comes alive with buskers and Brighton residents/students/visitors. I had a bit of a crazy weekend and was feeling a little sorry for myself last Sunday, so I went down to the park with my friend, ate Pompoko’s – the BEST Japanese restaurant ever (sounds weird but I guarantee you will not be disappointed if you try it!) – and chilled out in the afternoon sunshine. It is virtually impossible to not feel happy and present there. The Brighton Pavilion is like a dreamy Aladdin’s Castle, and the gardens are so peaceful.

Today, I painted a little Fox. Just because….. and she turned out so cute!! Painting gives me so much, well.. ME time. Fully aware of the thoughts entering and leaving my head, I have no time to be down or worry about lifes silly little problems. Art is also about creating something new, which is always the best part of it. Everyone, meet LOXY!!:

We are well into June now, sorry, I know that’s terrifying! … and well, we still have our lovely floral display going on. So make the most of it. Find some wildflowers, and take in their beauty. It really makes me happy knowing the flowers waited all year to blossom, and we get to share their magic for this season. The birds are singing and the nights are still getting longer. Summer is finally in the air, so let your hair down, chill with friends…. chill by yourself!, read a book, FESTIVAL (Yea go on book it!), and make the most of what we’ve all been waiting for 🙂
Peace and Love Wildflowers, Nicola xx

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