Day trip to the Peak District 

Hi lovelies! Hope you are well. How lovely is it starting to feel outside?! I know it’s still a little chilly, but the longer days and bright mornings are definitely getting me excited for summer!!

“Come rain or shine….” pretty sure that’s what you say when you know you’re about to get royally SOAKED! Standard British weather was on top form for our lovely day out to the Peak District … and although it was windy and a tad wet, not much could take my attention away from this gorgeous National Park.

I’m the biggest geek when is comes to getting out the trekking outfit. Nothing better than wearing comfy clothes that’ll keep you warm when the outside conditions are what I class as, miserable. Although, I have to admit, decent footwear is something I’m still having troubles with coming to terms with – I just can’t move away from enjoying wearing my trainers to have a little run up a hill/mountain. Pushing myself is definitely what I enjoy when I’m out doing a new trek, and the views are like the cherry on top.

So without going on anymore, I have put together a gallery of the walk we did, including links to a map. So, if you’re sold on the trek, you can go and do it yourself :)….

The route – Before you set off, I mean, before you even leave your house, be prepared for this walk. It is a 9mile trek, and at most points there is nothing and nobody around – Just yourselves and lovely Mother Nature. So get your maps and directions at the ready. I have included some links with picture, maps, and routes. This particular route is named “Stanage Edge Walking Route”.

Parking and the start – Parking was relatively easy. We Parked at Heathersage Train Station. The road parking was free, and Heathersage is the village where we set off from. If you are in need of any extra hiking gear – typical me, there’s always something I forget – then there is a outdoor shop within the village that will have everything you’ll need.

What to take/expect – The Walk is relatively easy, with some incline and some rocky parts. I suggest walking boots, however, I went in trainers on a pretty damp day and managed (with kind of soggy feet by the end – but it was completely bogged down so I think I did ok, at least that’s what I tell myself). Once you’re walking it gets pretty warm, so a waterproof over a nice thermal jumper/top should be ok, so you can tie them around your waist. If it’s sunny and guaranteed no rain, just stick to thin/light clothing. It was the windiest day when we got to the top of Stanage Edge, and I mean, being literally blown along the cliff face. Probably doesn’t help i’m a pixie size, but just don’t get too close to the edge if it’s windy.

Take food. Pack a lunch, plenty of water to keep you hydrated and some money for the pub when you get back to Heathersage. Nothing beats a cold beer after a long trek.

Image result for stanage edge peak district

Overall, it’s mostly a physical challenge, but when the wind picks up, and the rain starts, be prepared and push on. We had the best time…and even though our feet felt like they were ready to fall off, I can definitely say we had the most enjoyable experience and day out. Definitely one to tick off the 2017 bucket list!!

Peace and Love, Nicola xx


  1. Pete
    April 21, 2017 / 8:23 pm

    Niceee !

  2. Brenda
    May 24, 2017 / 8:35 pm

    Amazing !!!

    Love all of your posts definitely makes me want to do more travelling

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